What inspires you to create? I like listening to music. Well, first I pray while I put on a playlist. The very first verse of the bible states: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” God created. Suzie created this macaroni picture in school today, Bobby created a fort out of popsicle sticks, etc. God created.

I believe God is an artist. Look around you. What an amazing world full of life and colours and creative things – like that bumble bee that should not be able to fly.

So, when I sit down to write or paint or bake I think firstly of God and his creativity. He created me, in his image. What a great partnership in that!

The last month has been difficult for me. I came back from a long road trip and jumped back into my life in The Middle. Life can distract me from creating. I finally sat down to paint yesterday. I did one painting and it is for a friend. I really want him to look at it and feel Hope jumping out of the picture and into him. My friend is by no means hopeless, but I think this picture is going to take him deeper. That is my prayer anyway.

So here is the pic I made him. I’m still struggling with painting. Feeling confident is a struggle some days. I paint on simply because that is what I know I should do.

😀 Cate B

Over the Rainbow

Aren’t rainbows just amazing? A sign of Hope and dreams coming true, not to mention all the colours they hold. One of my most favorite songs of all time is Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Once upon a time, on an airplane from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Kansas City, Missouri, I looked out the window at the clouds below and there, right below me, was a rainbow. I quickly looked around the cabin to see if anyone else saw what I saw. I have no idea if anyone did but I was excited. You see, this particular trip was to look for a home rental because we were moving to Kansas City in about a month. To me, this rainbow was my sign of Hope, that all would be ok. I really was somewhere over the rainbow, way up high……..

Now, several years later, I can’t help but to paint colours.I see so much Joy and Hope in colours. I see strength coming and dreams blossoming. That is what I want for all who look upon My Colours of Hope. I want to see you blossom and heal and head into your destiny and purpose.

Here are a few more….. I’m so sorry the image quality isn’t the best… still learning…

hope to you all……

My Journey Begins

As a child, I was encouraged to be creative……sort of encouraged. My mom was a creative person, but her way of encouraging me was to have me watch John Gnagyour version of Bob Ross. She bought pads and pencils and I was left to figure out if I was able to draw or not. That didn’t last long. I learned to sew and knit very basic. I learned to bake and cook and listen to music while singing my heart out in my room. No verbal encouragement came so I gave up very easily.

But you cannot throw away the creative juices that lie within you. They may lay dormant but they are always there waiting to spring forth when given just a hint of watering and sunlight.

So I have blossomed into a rather good crocheter and baker. But I get antsy. I recently couldn’t ignore the voice that kept gently bidding me to jump in deeper to the creativity. Then, through people I highly respect, I answered with a big YES.

Being a person who just loves my friendship with God, I felt a strong tug to paint. But not paint precise images but to paint colours.  I just love colours. I am drawn to colourful things and they speak to me and actually bring out feelings and senses that otherwise just stay hidden.

So now begins a new journey. I started painting in a freeform-type of artistry. Whatever happens with this journey will definitely be a learning experience. At first, I absolutely hated what I produced. But I kept them and am moving forward. I figure I will be the first one to get anything out my art simply because I need to see it in a new perspective – as others see it.

One thing that has happened to me since I began this painting journey is that I carry new confidence in who I am. It is a good feeling.

So here ya go, Dear Readers, a glimpse of my new thing…….