What Am I Doing?

This new art journey has been amazing and amazingly awkward, said Me, chuckling. It took me a while before I actually liked anything I painted. And I even began showing people what I’ve done.

Not only did I tell others and show work to others, I even sold some! This is a big deal for me. I feel like I’m standing on a stage with my chest open and exposing the deepest parts of my heart. Too much drama? Maybe, but the feeling is lessening.

I hate the selling part. Not the part where others buy it and give me money and walk away smiling – I know that feeling of being the buyer. The part I hate is the “business” side. I fumble with cash and checks and credit cards and trying to remember how to use that square thingy on my phone. I feel pressured. I try to remember what I actually sold, even though the inventory is in my phone.

As I type I smile. I just don’t want to lose sight of the actual call to simply paint colours and bless others with hope and healing.I want to stay on this road.

So, I painted canvas bags…. and they are all gone. Some were gifts and some I sold. I have to say I enjoyed making them and plan on making more. Here are some:

Canvas Bags
Canvas Bags and Paintings

So, for now, I say see ya later……. have a great day….


New Project

I wanted people to be able to carry their colours of hope with them. A way for people to be encouraged and feel lifted when discouragement tries to creep in. At first, I thought of keychains, then I thought that was too tedious. Then the idea of canvas bags hit me. Who doesn’t like canvas bags? Carry your journal, books, bibles, pens, pencils, sketch pads, etc., all in one bag. Even your groceries!

So my blank canvas arrived and I’m ready to pretty them up. I’ll show pics when they are ready, in the meantime, here we go…

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Blank Canvas – bags