What Am I Doing?

This new art journey has been amazing and amazingly awkward, said Me, chuckling. It took me a while before I actually liked anything I painted. And I even began showing people what I’ve done.

Not only did I tell others and show work to others, I even sold some! This is a big deal for me. I feel like I’m standing on a stage with my chest open and exposing the deepest parts of my heart. Too much drama? Maybe, but the feeling is lessening.

I hate the selling part. Not the part where others buy it and give me money and walk away smiling – I know that feeling of being the buyer. The part I hate is the “business” side. I fumble with cash and checks and credit cards and trying to remember how to use that square thingy on my phone. I feel pressured. I try to remember what I actually sold, even though the inventory is in my phone.

As I type I smile. I just don’t want to lose sight of the actual call to simply paint colours and bless others with hope and healing.I want to stay on this road.

So, I painted canvas bags…. and they are all gone. Some were gifts and some I sold. I have to say I enjoyed making them and plan on making more. Here are some:

Canvas Bags
Canvas Bags and Paintings

So, for now, I say see ya later……. have a great day….


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