Over the Rainbow

Aren’t rainbows just amazing? A sign of Hope and dreams coming true, not to mention all the colours they hold. One of my most favorite songs of all time is Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Once upon a time, on an airplane from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Kansas City, Missouri, I looked out the window at the clouds below and there, right below me, was a rainbow. I quickly looked around the cabin to see if anyone else saw what I saw. I have no idea if anyone did but I was excited. You see, this particular trip was to look for a home rental because we were moving to Kansas City in about a month. To me, this rainbow was my sign of Hope, that all would be ok. I really was somewhere over the rainbow, way up high……..

Now, several years later, I can’t help but to paint colours.I see so much Joy and Hope in colours. I see strength coming and dreams blossoming. That is what I want for all who look upon My Colours of Hope. I want to see you blossom and heal and head into your destiny and purpose.

Here are a few more….. I’m so sorry the image quality isn’t the best… still learning…

hope to you all……

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