What inspires you to create? I like listening to music. Well, first I pray while I put on a playlist. The very first verse of the bible states: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” God created. Suzie created this macaroni picture in school today, Bobby created a fort out of popsicle sticks, etc. God created.

I believe God is an artist. Look around you. What an amazing world full of life and colours and creative things – like that bumble bee that should not be able to fly.

So, when I sit down to write or paint or bake I think firstly of God and his creativity. He created me, in his image. What a great partnership in that!

The last month has been difficult for me. I came back from a long road trip and jumped back into my life in The Middle. Life can distract me from creating. I finally sat down to paint yesterday. I did one painting and it is for a friend. I really want him to look at it and feel Hope jumping out of the picture and into him. My friend is by no means hopeless, but I think this picture is going to take him deeper. That is my prayer anyway.

So here is the pic I made him. I’m still struggling with painting. Feeling confident is a struggle some days. I paint on simply because that is what I know I should do.

😀 Cate B

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