2 thoughts on “Hope for Today

  1. I’m not really making a comment, but I do have a question. Are you the Pat and Cathy bryson who were with Shiloh Coldwater Youth Revival in San Diego 1n 1974 1975 (or there about)? My name is Tom Shanley, and my wife is Joanne. So, if you are that Pat and Cathy, we were praying yesterday evening and you came to mind after all these years. We hope you and all your family are well and blessed. Pat, I did want to thank you for inviting me out to a conference that John Wimber was having in Palm Springs way back years ago. It absolutely changed my life and Joanne’s as well. It showed us that there was so much more that God can do, and wants to do through us. (I’m reminded of the title of a book I read called “YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL”). Pat, that conference was the first step for me in greater more powerful walk with The Holy Spirit. So thank you!!
    God bless you mightily,
    Yours in His Grace, Tom
    P.S. I like what Ephesians 3:20-21 says because it reminds me to “pray big”.

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    • Tom and Joanne: Yes same Pat and Cate (Cathy) Bryson. We So rejoice in hearing from you!!! We have thought often of you! You made a huge mark in our lives!! We would love to talk with you l My phone number is (816) 830-8909. We are in Missouri. Give us a call! Love To You!


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